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Commercial Plumbing

Nothing ruins a good day like an overflow or a clogged sink. Don't put yourself out of a day's worth of business with a simple problem. 

Sewer Lines

No one ever said plumbing would always be pretty. If you're having a problem with a city's sewer line, we have connections to help.

Around Town Plumbing Blocked Stormwater And Sewerage Drains - Drain Renewals And Repairs

Services List

Water line repair & replacement

Drain line repair & replacement

Sump pump & well pump repairs

Water pressure issues

Leaking pipes

Faucet repair & replacement

Backflow testing

Drain cleaning

Residential Plumbing

If your house has a leaky pipe, uses a water heater or has a pool, we have services to fix any problem you can throw our way. 

Dandenong‘s Dependable Plumbers

Do you ever arrive home, ready to rest after a long day at work only to find your bathroom has flooded? It’s a nightmare we are all too familiar with, but luckily you don’t have to face up to it alone.

Maintenance of your home or business can be exhausting to take care of your own, especially when it comes to utilities. Any problems with water at the home need to be taken care of quickly, whether it be a broken tap, blocked piping or structural issues.

Around Town Plumbing have been serving Dandenong and the surrounding community since 2007, with excellent reputation as a friendly and efficient provider. Our skills and experience include anything from blocked sinks and bathroom renovations to
roof leaks and gutter replacements.

Clearing your plumbing headaches

Plumbing problems can be a huge disruption to a home or business, especially in sudden emergencies such as a cracked pipe or blocked sewerage. These can cause ugly situations that need a quick and thorough response and a team that knows how to do it. That’s where we come in – let us do of the dirty work and get you back to your routine without the added stress on your mind.

We’re here for homes and businesses

We’ve been solving perilous piping problems for many years in both a residential and commercial environment. Our Dandenong plumbers are ready to meet any challenge, from an on-the-spot fix to your mother-in-law’s kitchen sink to emergency and ongoing maintenance for owners corporations. In the end, our major focus is to provide you with exceptional customer service and professionalism in every capacity, and give the best experience possible for us and for you.


Ask the Plumber

What causes a running faucet? How do I get the hair out of my sink's drain? We have answers to these and other pressing questions in our bi-weekly Ask the plumber series.

Plumbing Basics

Sometimes having even a rudimentary understanding of how your home's plumbing works can help you fix simple problems yourself. In this three-part series, get basic info that you can apply to your own home.

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